This word I like... We architect our life...
A song, a sigh... developing words that linger...
Through fields of green, through open eyes... It's for us to see.
Interanimate: To animate or inspire mutually

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I dont have much energy to think again today but do want to say that I appreciate all of the inspiration I've been getting from you. In an hour or so the staff will load up my chemo tree with a new bag or 2 of stem cells from a kind donor. It's difficult really for me to comprehend such a kind act from a complete stranger. But then, there is a certain amazing book that tries to help us learn to do such things...
Cathie and my Dad are here with me today. The weather outside is sunny. I can see the Torrey Pines Golf Course staff below going about their business preparing for the next visit by Tiger Woods and gang! I'll post as soon as I can.
Thanx again!


SoftwareEngineer said...

It's fantastic to hear that you're moving on to 'stage two' of your treatment. Go Jim!

Not sure if this is for real or not, but I thought it was very cool:

I want one. In a 'yacht' configuration.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well today. I have been thinking about you a lot. Miss you a lot! Love always Shell

Katy & Larry said...

Hi Jim,
Hope the transplant went well. Soon you'll be down there with Tiger! God bless your wonderful donor. I'm guessing he/she read the book. Looking forward to hearing of your speedy recovery. Love to Cathie & the kids.
Love & prayers,
K & L

Anne said...

Hi Jim,
Tiger has nothing on you. The amount of courage and determination you have shown over these past weeks is incredible. The love that you and Cathie have for each other is mind boggling. You are both an inspiration to all of us. Take time out of being brave to sleep, relax and talk out all your fears and expectations. Enjoy your family (I know you do enjoy and love them so very much)and look forward to the days you'll be hiking again. Sweet dreams - only good ones.

Anonymous said...

Your almost there!!!

katie said...

Hi Jim and Cathie,
You are both in my thoughts. Keep it up, Jim!!
Katie Auble