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Through fields of green, through open eyes... It's for us to see.
Interanimate: To animate or inspire mutually

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day -4: a.m. edition

Hi. Here are my counts.
Hgb:8.3, WBC:17.5, Plt:161
These dont look much diff than when I came in. However, Docs and nurses say that the White Blood Cell count will plummet to zero by day +5 for me. So far I'm getting high marks for energy upkeep and no mouth sores. Developing a few aches and pains but that could be from my constant muscle use getting in and out of bed to go pee-pee. They keep dripping in saline solution non-stop, not much I can do but pee into the big cup, yes, they want to measure everything coming and going. Here's what on tap today. ATG infusion. This is some foul stuff that is meant to start knocking out my remaining T-Cells. Often, the administration of ATG is accompanied by chills and fever although there is no actual infection. This is due to the T-Cells releasing cytokines. We'll see how this goes today. It is important to reduce the T-Cells so they dont attack my new stem cells on day zero.
Eating a tuna melt sandwich now as i'm getting my 14th dose of busulfex. The sandwich still tastes good. Pretty soon it'll all taste bad. but thats all relative.


Anonymous said...

Tuna melt... yummy!! I think just too many of those for anyone the taste will go bad. It sounds like you are doing well, getting around and taking care of yourself. Keep strong, your doing great!
Love you always