This word I like... We architect our life...
A song, a sigh... developing words that linger...
Through fields of green, through open eyes... It's for us to see.
Interanimate: To animate or inspire mutually

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day +8

Feeling about the same since day 5. At this point the war in my marrow is resulting in the deaths of a lot of A-pos blood and platelets. I've been getting 1 unit of each per day. This also might be the reason for the occasional fevers. The blood I need to be rid of cuz the new B-pos will begin to replace it. A-pos and B-pos blood dont mix well. They say this period will end shortly. The mucusosis situation that causes the pain will get resolved when the new white blood cells are produced in high enough numbers and send repair cells to repair damage. To hasten this, they give daily shots of Neupogen. This evening I spent a half hour getting an ultrasound of the organs in my stomach area. The results will be evaluated to see if there has been any damage.
I'm still sleeping a lot, from 8pm last night to 8am today, and then several times through the day. Cathie came twice, the second time with Dylan and Maddie. I can see the relative calm that you have bestowed upon Cathie with your prayers, thoughts, inspirations, and good will. I feel very humbled and strengthened by your efforts for me too. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm not sure one family alone would have enough strength emotionally and spiritually get through a time like this.


Anonymous said...

your strength is helping EVERYONE!! You being so positive helps us all. Take care