This word I like... We architect our life...
A song, a sigh... developing words that linger...
Through fields of green, through open eyes... It's for us to see.
Interanimate: To animate or inspire mutually

Friday, January 4, 2008

Day -5

The storms are moving in from the West. I get a direct view of them climbing over the western horizon, then above the torrey pines cliffs onto the links. Now if only I could buzz down some of the volunteer trees that currently serve to shield the hospital from the eyes of the aesthetically demanding professional golfers. No tourney this week. No Tiger Woods, Singh, etc... Lets see... yes, only my 2 doctors can be seen on hole 12.
They are supposed to be doing rounds right now. ouch. If one gets a birdie all is forgiven.
Family came and left today. Dad did solitaire and read the paper. Cathie and Dylan spelled him, Cathie worked via her new Verizon broadband card, Dylan watched TV. He and I got in a quick game of chair tag. That's tag where no one can leave the chair. Since i'm hooked up with tubes it's only fair. Dylan won.
I'm on my 11th bag of busulfex today at 6pm. Ironically, 3 out of the 4 dosings are accompanied by a meal. The meals come at the 6am, noon, and 6pm busulfex dosings. I still get the hiccups now whenever I eat. They seem to be mitigated by the Adivan, and dont keep me awake. I'm told that by next week I will reach the low point of this jouney; day zero. no energy, mouth sores, no appetite, and other unmentionables. We'll see how it goes. I will not be giving up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
We kinda lost track of your blog, but now have you back on our screen, and in our hearts. Thanks for the informative and picturesque updates. Hopefully we won't lose you again, and we can be like we're almost there!
Love you and keep strong,
Katy & Larry

Pat H said...

Hi Jim,

The storm is pounding us too but not as hard as California this time. That "Chair Tag" game really sounds like fun...will have to try it with Dave while he's in his big
old leather chair and I'm on the sofa...we're within arms reach in this small apartment of ours.
Keep your chin're doing great...can't wait til your
"New Birthday" !

Pat H

Jim Anderson said...

thank you guys for your inspiration and concern. It feels great. I'm going to get better at chair tag.