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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day +1

In the plus column now! I have pix of the stem cell event and will have to get the energy to transfer them from my camera to the laptop so I can post a couple. The infusion of stem cells was from one round bag. The cells were collected the previous day from the donor and transported from somewhere to here on ice. The infusion itself only took around 10 minutes. There was some normal reactions to the cells for a few hours, but today that has passed. The hosp staff is very compassionate and attentive but they dont hand out tylenol like m&ms. Even though I'm not a tylenol abuser its a good thing they guard their tylenol stash.
I am happy that the worst of the chemo is over. They will give me 4, including one today, more small injections of Methotrexate over the next 20 days. There should be no side effects from this chemo. It is normally used in large doses but I guess they found that 4 small shots after a sct keeps the new stem cells from growing too fast. I wont go into the many other non-chemo drugs I am starting to get. Come to think of it I really dont know how to describe how a chemo drug differs from any other drugs. They're throwing a lot of new pills my way and I will be taking many of them for the next few months. They will ALL trail off by 6-9 months if everything goes well. Kinda weird, but that's the story.
At my asking, Cathie came today early and stayed for most of the day, only leaving to take care of necessary things, and come back with Maddie. My Dad also came and stayed for several hours. My family is so great. I am not close to being myself mentally yet they are so supportive. I feel kind of like I must be the stranger to them that I feel I am to myself. But they continue to recognize me somehow.
Well, it's 10:30pm now. Nights are very long in my room. I'll be hanging here in this room for another 2-3 weeks as the new stem cells start regenerating and doing what they do. Between now and then my old white counts go to zero then start springing back with white cells from the new stem cells. A positive WBC improvement is the main key to getting discharge from the hospital. I cant wait to go home. I'm starting to eat a little now. Mouth sores and hair loss have been negligible so far.
Long road ahead.
Thanx everyone for your many inspirations.


julie said...

Hey Jim, so glad I checked your blog one last time before shutting down for the night. After hearing of your fever last night, we have all had our fingers & toes crossed and been holding our breath all day hoping to hear good news. The fact that you are posting is a great sign. Thank goodness, 'cos it's kinda hard to get much done with your fingers & toes crossed like that all day:-)

The nights must seem endless to you. Do they give you anything at night to knock you out or are they in & out all night checking on you? In my experience, nurses wait until you've just nodded off & then come in to stick you with needles & take your vitals!

Anyways, off to bed now. Sleep well and keep getting stronger.

Julie xx

Duane said...

Congratulations, friend! You're on the road to a new, stronger body.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are doing well. I am glad to hear that things are looking up. Its amazing that you keep the energy to keep us all updated. THANK YOU.

SoftwareEngineer said...

Jim, this is fantastic news. You’re one day closer to your goal. We’re happy your chemo is over too.
My wife takes Mehotrexate for her MS. I was amazed when I saw that word. I didn’t know what it was, but I recognized it instantly because I’ve had to pick it up at the pharmacy for her. I mentioned it to her and she said “Yeah, it’s a chemo therapy drug.”
It’s great to hear that the mouth sores and hair loss haven’t been that big a deal.
We prayed for you again last night. We started out praying for “Cathie’s husband”, but now we pray for you by name. It seems like we’re getting to know you even though we’ve never met.
In your corner,

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

Not sure you remember me, but I followed you on the MDS forum. Even after mom died I've still kept a distant watch. Hang in there through all this and you'll come out on the other side doing well! Be good to your body. :<) Had to throw something "natural" in or you wouldn't know who I was. :<)

God bless,


Anonymous said...

THis is the best news I've heard all day! You still have your sense of humor! :)