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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trusty Old Dell

Hello to my wonderful 11 readers!

I've been resurrecting my trusty old Dell Latitude CPx laptop, circa Jan 2000. I used it extensively a few years back when I traveled every week to Penn on an IBM contract. But it's been gathering dust for 3 years now. Apparently during my 4-6 week incarceration coming up in 2 weeks, wireless access will be provided by the establishment. So I bought a wireless G pcmcia card (remember those) ($20) and a compact flash pcmcia card ($10). Amazingly, the laptop battery still works. Since I'll have 110 volts in my room I wont need a battery anyway. So... this means I'll be able to A) post to this blog, and, even better B) load pictures I take with my Olympus EV300 directly to the laptop. This way I can show you pictures of my cue-ball head as well as other things of great community interest.
Here is my latest schedule. This Friday I spend a few hours at the hospital for various tests and consultations. I think they want to make doubly sure I know what the heck I'm getting in to. Dec 26 I will get my vascular system hard-wired to a port in my chest (enuff said). I will stay at the hosp that night. At 6am Dec 27 I will get a test dose of Busulfex for 2 hours. From 8am to noon there will be several blood tests where the doctors will find out how my body metabolizes Busulfex. This will allow them to determine the 'correct' dosage for the following week. I'll go home after noon on the 27th. Jan 2nd I will be hospitalized. First I will begin 4 days of non-recreational use of the wonderful drug Busulfex. Around Jan 9th the docs will administer the antidote to all the Busulfex: stem cells from the kind donor. If everything goes as planned, the new stem cells will begin crankin out new red,white and platelet cells by Jan 22. When the doctors determine that the engraftment is succeeding, blood counts are on the rise, I will be released back to my home to start several months of recuperation. My immune system will be brand new and will have to start learning about the world of germs all over again. Basically this will get me out of housework for a while. There will be a lot of hand washing and wearing of surgical masks. After a while my hair will grow back, maybe even without the gray!
I am totally optimistic. And I appreciate all your prayers, wishes, and good will.
Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you!


Anonymous said...

Its exciting to hear the progress and to know that this will finiall start and you can be HEALTHY again!! Thank you for keeping us all updated. LOVE YOU LOTS. Have a great Christmas and Enjoy what the New Year has to offer!!

Candie said...


I love this site that you have created! We all love you very much and appreiciate being able to come to your site and see the updates. Cory and I wish you all the best and will be thinking of you as you go through this tough time, but we are looking forward to seeing that healthy smart mouthed Jim that we all know and love! :) We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year as well! I know that this will be a great year for all!!!