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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yipee! (Gulp)

At this morning's appointment, my doctor and nurse had some good news. Cathie attended this appointment. As usual she was a great help in asking the right questions and being supportive.

My transplant procedures will start January 1. Yipee!

Here are some details. (Rated PG13)
A transplant date has been set for January 9. That is day zero when donor stem cells will be transfused into my central line catheter. The catheter will be surgically implanted in my chest during Christmas week. My 4-5 weeks of hospitalization will begin the night of January 1. That is when I start several days of chemotherapy with a drug called Busulfex. This wonder drug causes "profound myelosuppression", it kills bone marrow cells including stem cells. Out with the old, in with the new! (Gulp). Good news did I say? I realize how awful my good news sounds. But its all relative. Hey, compared with the bad news that would eventual follow if I just let my condition run it's natural course... Caveat: The transplant date is contingent upon the donor passing his final tests next week. The other donor has been placed on 'hold' just in case the selected donor does not test out.

Special Thanx
Many thanx and blessings to Cathie for being there for me today! And here's more great news. Cathie has volunteered to be my caregiver during my hospital stay and recovery! Being a caregiver for me over the next few months is going to take a huge effort on her part. My father and Maddie and Dylan will assist her in any way they can. I really dont know what I would do without Cathie's help.

Yippee! (Gulp)


Cathie said...

Honey - You are incredibly strong and give us all strength. 2008 will be YOUR year to recover your health and embrace all the blessings we share. We are in this together with family, friends, and God. How can we miss? I love you.


Sister Pat said...

Jim.....I am so happy for you.
It's the beginning of your new
happy healthy life and it's so exciting...God bless the donors
and God bless Cathie, too !!!

Pat H.

Anonymous said...

What great news... With your strength and the love and support of EVERYONE 2008 will be a rockn year. Keep strong... we all are! LOVE YOU TONS and once again thanks for keeping us posted on all your news.

Duane said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday before you begin the transplant!

I'm thinking about you, man. :)