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Friday, August 29, 2008

Day +233 Eight Months All is Well

Yesterday's appointment with Dr. Andrey happily produced no surprises. He has given me the go-ahead to mingle with people in normal environments. Doctors are pretty conservative with their assessments, so his directions are significant. Now I can feel safe going to a movie, working in an office, eating at a restaurant!
It's kinda weird doing this well for so long. I've actually felt pretty well both physically and mentally for several months. It's been the danger of opportunistic infections, as gauged by the doctor, that has kept me home. He says my immune system is like a baby's immune system, except that babies start out with a jump start from their mother's immune system. It takes plenty of time and training for a new immune system to be ready for serious battle with everyday pathogens.
My iron levels are slowly going down due to the phlebotomies. My dry eye and mouth problems seem to be going away. My WBC is 3.9, Hgb is 14.1, Plat is 232. My metabolic panel shows that the elevated liver enzyme counts associated with liver stress are going down. The counts have been slightly above normal, probably because of the iron overload.
Thanx to Steve my new stem cells are operating like all of yours, cranking out red, white and blue cells as needed. (I'm calling platelet cells 'blue' cuz it's an election year). Thanx everyone!


Duane said...

Excellent news, buddy! So glad to hear about this update. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, excellent news, and great counts. You are now free to move about the planet. Have fun, enjoy the ride!
K & L

Unknown said...

Hey Jim, Everything is sounding so wonderful. I have not had a chance to read Steve story yet, we actually just got into the area. Yeah we are here. :) Steve is my hero too. I am so glad to hear things are so well. You make the world a happier place.

Kathy said...

Great blog! Just found it from the story of finding Jim on Inka's website. I'll admit googling to see if I happened across my son's donor!

Thrilled to see you are doing so well.


SoftwareEngineer said...

Fantastic news. We're so happy to hear that you are so far along the road to recovery. We have wondered about energy levels, but I have to assume you're getting back to normal from the way you are writing.

Fantastic News.
May God continue to bless you and your family,