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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NOT GUILTY! Citizens Shocked!

San Diego, CA; March 24, 2009
County Superior Court Finds Offender 'Not Guilty'

In a surprise twist to the lengthy legal saga involving James Anderson, a resident of Penasquitos, and the County of San Diego; a supreme court commissioner found Anderson not guilty of a section vc22350 crime. The much anticipated trial ended in the favorable verdict for Mr. Anderson, and a black eye for the Sheriffs department. The lone sheriff left standing in the court was clearly dismayed and had this to say, "This isn't over yet. Our city is not safe with Mr. Anderson on the street and unpunished for his heinous crime." Many parents with children in the 4S Ranch area seem to agree. A community activist, Elba Mayhem, present for the trial stated, "This man is, and will continue to be, a menace to our community and our kids. We will seek to pursue greater protection from Mr. Anderson by consulting with the San Diego Sheriff and perhaps the Department of Homeland Security."
So, yeah. That's my foray into newspaper journalism today. Gotta work on it. Like more and more cities across the country, our fair city may be without a major newspaper soon. They are falling like flies passing over one of Maddies volleyball shoes removed immediately after a weekend tournament. News will have to start coming from your average citizens. Like me. Except for me. I won my traffic court case in which the County charge me with driving 52mph in a 25mph school speed zone. Winning such a case is rare, or so the bailiff says.

Now I first have to quickly do serious damage control. Speeding in front of a Middle School makes people wince, especially those of us with kids. I have 1.5 kids and it makes me wince. It must have taken the commissioner a lot of nerve to find me not guilty of the charge.
When interviewed about his stunning acquittal Anderson said, "I don't know what the big deal is. I was charged with a Basic Speed Law violation when no such violation actually occurred. I simply pointed this out to the commissioner and he agreed."
There was no community activist, no dismayed sheriff. But there was a trial on my case, it was very interesting, and I did prevail. I decided to fight the charge because, going 52 in a 25 is a 'major', two point violation that would have caused my insurance premiums to become large enough to support the bonus packages of several AIG executives. Not to mention the $400 fine and the 'no traffic school' flag. In addition it kinda bothered me that the charge hangs on a sign that cuts the legal speed in half "when children are present". At 7:48am Monday the posted speed is 50mph. 10 minutes later the posted speed is 25mph; "when children are present". I did not see any kids. The Sheriff positioned his cruiser in front of the only area where kids start getting dropped off, and near impossible for people approaching from behind him, to see. He apparently starts issuing tickets as soon as the first car drops off. Not fair I say. Besides, why dont those flashing yellow warning signs just say "School Zone. 25mph when flashing". End of story. My driving record remains unblemished. Sometimes you gotta fight for it.

Based upon the days court session and listening through several other cases, Anderson gave the following advice to California motorists, "First of all, when stopped, be very respectful to the officer. But also say as little as possible. I guarantee that whatever conversation goes on between the 2 of you will be repeated word for word by him/her at a trial. Most of all, do not admit guilt. Even if you feel like you are guilty you may not be. If you are cited for CA vehicle code 22350 (basic speed law) you may be in luck because that is the broadest code and easiest to contest. But be warned; in any court contest of only your word against the Sheriff - you will lose. Be prepared. Full stop vs. rolling stop. Fugedaboudit, you rolled through. For this reason, you may want to look into getting a camera mounted in your car that records video and audio automatically as you drive. As the economy worsens, look to see more revenue generated for local governments by traffic enforcement activities."
Today I watched several people swear they made full stops at their respective stop signs. They were all found guilty. But, hey! No need to get paranoid, right?,