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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Appt Tomorrow and Fire Report

I am going to try to not post unless I have updates to my stem cell transplant. This, so you dont have to read my theories about alien DNA. You might start thinking that my illness causes mental delusions. It does not. A voice in my head is fairly positive about that. If I have any further off-topic remarks, they will only be posted after a sct update.

Appointment Tomorrow
I have an appointment tomorrow with my dr to discuss recent tests and to sign release forms.

Delusions, Aliens, and Fire Report.
We must evacuate as Southern California Burns!
According to US News & World Report, this is true, " Southern California Burns".
Grandiose headlines aside, from our perspective in North San Diego, the claim seems to be true. The last 2 days has been a real adventure for my family and many others in a 10 mile radius. Our neighborhood was variously given mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders starting Monday morning. One of the 15 or so fires in Southern California is called the "Witch Creek" fire. This is our fire. Satellite images on TV clearly show all these fires North of the US-Mexico border. Just South of the border where they have the exact same fire conditions, they remarkably dont have a problem with 'accidental fires'. Wait. Enough of my stress-induced paranoid schizophrenic pseudo-conspiracy theories insinuating mischief by yet another group of aliens. Deep breath... Oops! That hurts. Cant do that now, smoke in the air.

Yesterday morning, the authorities (via TV news personalities on every station) said there was a mandatory evacuate evacuation for our area. To prepare for the mass evacuation the authorities had wisely closed the major artery out of the area, Interstate 15. One of the only remaining North-South surface streets was the 2 lane blvd bordering our house. I walked back and looked over the fence, and, yep! gridlock. Panicked faces appeared in every windshield. We waited.
Around 5pm, the newscasters announced that our area was now under a second 'mandatory' evacuation because of wind changes. We were all packed so we left soon thereafter. Maddie had been getting sick so we multi-tasked during our evac by taking her to Scripps urgent care. Tests indicated strep throat. We picked up a prescription and returned to our house so Maddie could recuperate in her bed watching Family Guy on TV. I'm writing this from the supposed 'hot zone' miles from any fire. Our neighborhood is still under a 'mandatory' evacuation. The neighborhood is still deserted. Outside, the sky is blue, the temperature is in the seventies, there is only the slight smell of smoke. There is no wind. We remain unafraid!

In my opinion, what can So Cal governments do better for the next fire?

  1. Provide a firefighting official to speak directly to the public on TV. Middle-man news anchors mis-spoke constantly about the data they were given. This led to rumors and misunderstandings.
  2. Secure some aircraft that can operate in typical Santa Ana winds. Otherwise, what good is the equipment?
  3. Issue only voluntary evacuations. Watching dozens of reporters standing on the street next to someone's burning house should indicate that it is safe enough for the owner to be given the right to remain and fight for their property.
  4. Houses bordering on chaparral should be required to be built more fireproof than others. Hot embers blowing from the brush fire, when they reach the house simply race up to the eves and into the little air holes. Once inside the roof, it's all over for the structure.


Duane said...

Hey there Jim,

Thanks for info about your dad's Celestron Nextar 6 SE. It looks pretty awesome. Have you joined your dad for astronomical observations yet?