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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day +125 Surfing to Save a Life?

All good here. Next doctors appt is Thursday at the clinic. I cant wait to see what levels my blood counts have reached since my last blood test 16 days ago. The hole in my chest where the Groshong was removed is healing nicely. I just keep a bandaid on it now. My finger nails are thickening up nicely again. There is a noticeable dip in nail thickness in the middle of each nail. The stem cells that create the nail-growing cells in my fingers took a moderate hit during chemo in January resulting in a short period of thinner than normal nail growth. Fascinating, this stem cell stuff.

Ok. The real reason for this post...
There is a way to fund more NMDP registrations where all you do is do your normal internet surfing! Instead of using google as your search engine you use a website that uses the Yahoo! search engine. Yahoo! is probably just as good as Google for finding what you want. Whenever you perform a search, the charity of your choice gets a penny! Isnt that awesome! You can check the amount raised for the charity whenever you like. You dont have to click on any Ads in the search result page. Just by performing a search, your charity gets a penny! Not a lot of people use this search engine yet so the numbers are small, only $132 raised for the NMDP since Jan 1. However, that amount pays for almost 3 donor HLA typing tests at the NMDP. If more people used the search engine that number would skyrocket!

The search engine is Go there, input 'national marrow' into the charity identification field and press enter. This will position your charity to the NMDP. Now, whenever you perform a search from that page, the NMDP will get a penny. There is no invasion of privacy, no registration, no user ID, etc... All you need to do is make your default search engine. Also check out their newest feature, Using you can shop online at many retailers and a portion of anything you purchase goes to the NMDP.

These 2 websites offer a way you can get money to your favorite charity by simply surfing the internet!



Anonymous said...

This is very cool! Especially since some of the places donate up to 6% when you order through them.

Anonymous said...

I have been checking in on you through your blog for several months now. My father had MDS, was a 100% match with his only sibling, his younger brother, but unfortunately his disease never even partially remitted and he passed away in the fall, never being able to have the mini-sct. Maybe because of this, or because you are simply amazing (charming, funny, caring, smart, resilient), I am rooting for you all the way and sending you positive vibes! Your numbers are looking great! What a difference your hemoglobin must be making in terms of your energy level. Nobody should have to endure what you had to with the sct but you really pushed through with admirable courage and good humor. Keep on keeping on and thanks for your blog! All My Best Wishes, Dina