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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day +106 Top Ten Recovery Indications

Top Ten Indications You Are Recovering from Your Stem Cell Transplant

10. You are discharged from the BMT unit before the estimated discharge date.
9. You can start tasting food again.
8. You start going crazy sitting around 'recovering' all day.
7. Your doctor asks you not to hang around the BMT unit between appointments.
6. You have to start clipping your uneven new hair growth so you dont look like Gollum.
5. Your doctor tells you it's now ok to drink alcohol.
4. You start thinking about creating a YouTube video diary about your experiences.
3. Your can actually understand the words on your latest bone marrow biopsy results.
2. Your pills are getting tapered off to the point where you can swallow them all in one gulp.
1. You start thinking that the bald headed look is rather fashionable after all.


Anonymous said...

You are a walking inspiration. I believe it's been over a year since I've stumbled across your posts on the mds forum. It is heartening to read and witness your recovery.

Duane said...

I love the list! It's great.

David and Cassandra said...

What a great list. I like the youtube thing. :)