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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sicker than a pooch, maybe donor is too?

Greetings to my 3 readers.
I just heard from my transplant nurse, Cindy. She has not heard from the National Marrow Donor Program regarding the recent donor tests. They did inform Cindy 3 weeks ago about the donor coming in for the tests, however they have not communicated to her about the results of that test. Cindy says the NMDP is famously quiet regarding donors. It could be that the donor had an active virus when they came in. Maybe like me. I've been sicker than a pooch since Monday the 19th. No fever, no chest pain, just the nasal, sore throat, runny nose, exploding head common cold.
On the 19th, I went in for my bi-weekly, pre-transfusion blood test. However, my hemoglobin was at 10.5, around 65% of normal, high enough not to need a RBC donation. This was a relief to the transfusion nurses at the clinic. Since I was sick, they were not relishing giving me a transfusion along side a handful of people with compromised immune systems. At any rate, I rescheduled my next transfusion for this week when I should not be as sick. I finally broke down last weekend and stumbled into urgent care to get some help for the cold. Unfortunately, the biggest shopping weekend of the year is also the biggest sick-out of the year. I ended up spending 4 hours there but was rewarded in the end with a couple pieces of paper from the doctor on call. I took the cryptic doodlings to a CVS pharmacy and traded them for several neon colored pills that I was told wwould make me feel better. Well, after 3 days of taking them I do feel better.
And there goes my theory about why I havent been really sick since I've been ill. The theory went something like this: When common viruses get into my blood they look at all the weirdness, oddly shaped cells, cells from external sources (donors), etc, so they pack up and leave. Well, the cold I got on the 18th had nooooo problem with my blood. I will not underestimate viruses again.
Dutifully yet unintentionally, I shared my cold with Cathie. The kids did not get sick (maybe it came from one of them?). We had to cancel some holiday party plans due to our mutual bug infestations. But we ended up having a very nice turkey day at home with the 4 of us and Grandpa. How can Cathie find the energy, while sick, to make a full turkey dinner with pumpkin pie? Compare to my mostly inanimate position on the recliner couch surrounded by liquids, otc drugs and football on tv. On healthier turkey days I normally help... a little (she reads this). Hi sweety pie! Thank you for your unbounded energy! I will have energy again some day!
I was just kidding about the 3 readers. In fact, the 3 readers that show up on my webstats as blog visitors may be search engine spiders, RSS feed bots, or other non-humans. Since I added the ability to subscribe to my blog by Email I can see that most people have chosen that route. Thats fine but keep in mind that the Email versions may not include graphics or slide shows that I sometimes make part of my Blog posts. Maybe that is a good thing?
Back to the transplant date. Cindy says that the 3 transplant doctors will discuss my case this week in regards to the awol donor. There is another donor at the same match level. Hopefully, the NMDP will pony up some info about the selected donor soon.


Pat Holman said...

Hi Jim,

So sorry you don't have any concrete donor date news yet, but very happy you are feeling better.
News will come when it is meant to come so chin up....there's a plan.

Thinking of you always,
Pat H.

Shelli said...

Jim you crack me up... just reading your blogs make me smile. I love how you can turn any situation into something that makes me smile. The way you tell your stories its great. I am also very glad you are feeling better, glad you had a good turkey day. Thanks for keeping us posted. LOVE YOU LOTS